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ISLAMABAD: The department of Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) has launched the Audit Management Information System at three audit offices simultaneously.

According to details, the AGP with assistance from the World Bank (WB), has launched the system to computerise the reporting of all audit processes including planning, scheduling, execution which were previously being done manually.

The field audit teams will be connected in real-time with audit management tiers of AGP enabling transparency and close monitoring of field audit work.

Besides, the system would facilitate auditors in maintaining in-depth risk profiles of government organizations helping them focus on entities with high risk.

According to details, Interfaces including dashboards will be provided to Public Accounts Committee (PAC) members and Secretariat with the help of which PAC will be able to access published audit reports, unload directives and check the status of compliance on a real-time basis.

The DAGP will be well poised in instituting the audit quality management framework which has recently been developed with the objective of ensuring the quality of audit work at each step of the audit cycle.

In order to ensure replication and sustainability of AMIS in DAGP, a separate project has been initiated which will enable the rollout of AMIS at all audit offices across the country as well as target developing skills of auditors in newly emerging areas such as energy sector auditors, information system audits, environmental audits.

The auditors will be encouraged to acquire internationally recognized certification and qualifications to build their capacity in carrying out such audits. The department is also working for an MoU with CIPFA and PIPFA to help its staff in enhancing their qualifications and giving them an opportunity in becoming full-fledged public sector chartered accountants. This step would play an instrumental role in enhancing their competence and professionalism while carrying out their job.

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